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​If you or your family member is unwell, simply call or email through our contact form to request a consultation and we will arrange for a home visit or video consultation, whichever is more suitable or convenient for you. 

I am usually able to see patients at short notice on the same day, including out of hours and at weekends.

The majority of prescriptions, investigations and referrals can be arranged remotely.

We are constantly updating our list of tried trusted specialists and healthcare providers to equip you with the reliable and independent recommendations. 

On government-approved list to provide general Covid-19 testing using a UKAS-accredited laboratory

Covid-19 antibody testing with turnaround time of around 24 hours is available for diagnosis or travel swabs.  


Antibody blood tests (to check for past infection and immunity) are also available.  

GP Services

Admissions to hospital

Blood tests

Letters for insurance claims

Referrals to specialists


Home visits

Video consultations

Prescriptions with free same day delivery

Health Screening

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