Consultation fees

Home visit

from £140 (additional travel costs may apply)

Video consultation 


Phlebotomy (as part of consultation)


Phlebotomy visit


Repeat prescription (without consultation)


Insurance Letters -

Quote provided on request

Fees should normally be paid at the time of consultation by card, cash or bank transfer.  


If you have insurance which covers GP fees, the consultation fee will still be payable at the time of consultation.  A full receipt will be provided.  


Sample Prices for Common Laboratory Tests

Covid-19 serum antibody test (for detecting previous infection)


Covid-19 PCR swab (for detecting active infection)


Haematology profile


Biochemistry profile


Well person profile (to include haematology and biochemistry plus vitamin D, thyroid function and cholesterol)

£166 (special clinic price)

HbA1c (diabetes)


Anaemia profile


Menopause profile


Thyroid function tests


Lipid profile


Erectile dysfunction profile


Polycystic ovary syndrome profile


Urine for microscopy and culture


H pylori antigen (for gastric reflux)


Swab for culture


Please note, laboratory fees are as published by The Doctor's Laboratory.  

A full price list is available on request.